Fanart: Mindful sketching

Re-entering my drawing era. My mum in law’s partner sent me some cool pencils made from recycled newspaper and I felt it was time to use them. I’ve been drawing in-between meetings and after work to unwind.

A future chapter preview

“What does Kashima want?” Hori groaned, examining his text messages while taking a break from backgrounds on Nozaki’s manga. He ran a hand through his hair before covering his face with them both. When he parted them, Nozaki was sat attentively at the table next to him. The speed and quietness at which he’d moved …
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Fanfic: When The Lightning Strikes [Chapter 14]

Thanks for waiting! I went back and edited just a little bit in chapter 12 to make this flow better, so you might want to check if the continuity seems off. I hope this flows okay, because it contains a bunch of small scenes that I wrote during various Camp/NaNos that I really wanted to …
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