Fanart: Sketchbook streak

Day 1 of a very short daily sketchbook streak I’m sure. I’m trying the “draw directly in pen so you don’t have time to erase/be perfect” thing, with some Kuretake ZIG Mangaka pens. I had half-sketched Fuecoco in pencil a few days ago so please forgive me. ???? My Star Trek OCs are T’Pora (Vulcan) …
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Fanart: Mindful sketching

Re-entering my drawing era. My mum in law’s partner sent me some cool pencils made from recycled newspaper and I felt it was time to use them. I’ve been drawing in-between meetings and after work to unwind.

Fanfic: Last Train Home [Chapter 07]

“How are you feeling today, Fuu-chan?” Hikaru’s chirpy voice penetrated the last seconds of Fuu’s deep and dreamless sleep. Fuu groaned as Umi threw the shutters open and light flooded the room, “Oh, I think I feel a lot better today, Hikaru-san, thank you.” She tried not to think about what she’d been dwelling on …
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Fanfic: Last Train Home [Chapter 06]

The girls decided to hold off their visits to Cephiro for a while, feeling that their visits themselves, rather than any time-based deterioration, was causing ‘damage’ to the portal. This was despite wanting to celebrate Fuu’s official engagement to Ferio; all of it had come rather suddenly, and it was hard to decide between common …
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Fanfic: Last Train Home [Chapter 05]

Christmas and New Year passed in Tokyo without much out of the ordinary. The girls celebrated amongst themselves and found little time to go to New Cephiro – besides, the Tokyo Tower was always very busy at this time of year. Christmas was meant to be a very romantic time at home, but Fuu found …
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Fanfic: Last Train Home [Chapter 04]

Umi wasn’t entirely sure that there would be a lot of studying going on this holiday, as she and Fuu were currently fixated with watching Hikaru sparring with Ferio. Lantis apparently didn’t want to fight with Hikaru, and so she had asked someone of a similar height to spar with her, rather than someone like …
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