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Fanfic: Last Train Home [Chapter 05]

Christmas and New Year passed in Tokyo without much out of the ordinary. The girls celebrated amongst themselves and found little time to go to New Cephiro – besides, the Tokyo Tower was always very busy at this time of year. Christmas was meant to be a very romantic time at home, but Fuu found herself spending it with her family and no visit to Ferio. She wouldn’t want to give him any opportunity to be too romantic just yet, anyway. She was sure he was a lot more experienced in those sorts of things than she knew about. She

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Fanfic: Last Train Home [Chapter 03]

Hours later, Umi and Hikaru were really starting to wonder about Fuu’s location. Caldina had said she’d met her in the hallway, but didn’t seem willing to share her whereabouts with the other two Magic Knights. This was highly unusual for Caldina, who normally took great pleasure in spreading cheerful rumours about other peoples’ love lives. “Do you suppose we should go looking for her, Umi-chan? She hasn’t eaten anything today, and it’s going to get dark soon. It must be quite late,” Hikaru suggested, looking at the display on her mobile phone. She’d been playing with it, although she

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Fanfic: Last Train Home [Chapter 01]

My self-set task for quarantine is to re-write this fanfic. I first started writing it in 2010 and it currently sits at 75k words in Scrivener, but it’s not finished! I’d like to complete it, and edit it so the story and writing is a bit more mature and age-appropriate to the characters. I’ll be posting chapters here on camisado.co.uk as I complete them, and you can read the “old” version on AO3 until I’m ready to replace up to chapter 16 in one shot. Please enjoy!

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