I’ve taken the contact form down because I’m weary of questions about my Tumblr username. We’re all on the internet to have fun, so here are the facts you need to know.

  • I’ve been using this name since 2005
  • Everyone knows me by it
  • This is the second domain name I ever bought
  • Yes, it’s from Panic! at the Disco
  • I still like the song (and their first album) but my tastes and interests have changed since I was 16
  • I’m not going to give it up/stop using it, because it’s been part of my identity for 12 years
  • Please don’t be offended, I don’t reply to any asks/messages about it any more, because they all used to end in verbal abuse towards me (I’m sure you’re lovely, so please understand my wariness)

Thanks for reading! Please find me elsewhere on the internet (see links in the top nav/side nav!) to interact with me.