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Fanart: First date (progress…)

Sometimes, it just takes me forever to produce something because I don’t feel in the mood for drawing. Which is a shame, because I really do love drawing when I get into it. Here’s an update of the digital inking… Continue Reading →

Fanfic: When the lightning strikes [Chapter 04]

I totally forgot to update my website when I first posted this. We’re up to chapter 4! A Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun fanfic where Sakura is a magical girl. I got the idea from some Tumblr posts (and who doesn’t love… Continue Reading →

Fanart: Thanks anyway

I didn’t expect this silly doodle/edit to get so many notes.

Fanfic: Beyond an editor’s responsibility

I’m really happy because I’ve had this fanfic up for a few days, but today it got its first comment and I was really touched by it and the amount of kudos it’s got. 😀

Fanart: First date

I keep posting bits and pieces of this one in various places just because I’m pleased with how it’s progressing! I am feeling pretty inspired to make a few GSNK fan comics in their original 4koma format. Here’s the middle… Continue Reading →

Fanfic: Atmospheric Pressure

My Pokémon fanfic from NaNoWriMo 2011. Up to 11 chapters so far, with more to come…eventually!

Original fiction: Skywriter (chapter 01)

The entire story is a little unpolished, but I’m pretty happy with this first chapter. I want to make this story into a comic, so I really want to test the waters and see if it actually interests anyone! Thanks… Continue Reading →

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