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kashima yuu

Fanfic: When The Lightning Strikes [Chapter 15]

Thanks for your patience, everyone! I’m finally back.

Fanfic: When The Lightning Strikes [Chapter 12]

Sakura has unsolicited twilight hour visitors; subsequently, gets distracted by a sketch pad and thoughts of Let’s Love Nozaki.

Fanfic: When The Lightning Strikes [Chapter 08]

I’m free from my studies (forever, hopefully, as of December’s results!) so you can expect a lot more of this hopefully. A bit of a fluffy chapter but there is some action at the end! And it’s kinda difficult to… Continue Reading →

Fanart: Well-intentioned

Requested by a friend in the GSNK fandom, following on from the last post! Apologies for language. 😉

Fanfic: When The Lightning Strikes [Chapter 07]

I’m spoiling you guys because I know I won’t be able to post much again for the next three weeks – my degree will be complete by mid-September! Anyway, I’m sorry it was a short chapter, but I hope you… Continue Reading →

Fanfic: When the lightning strikes [Chapter 06]

Chapters five and six happened while I was still forgetting to post things here! Hurrah. I am at least posting them to my new Twitter account now.

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