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Fanart: Pokémon for my niece

We got her 24 Pokémon figurines for her birthday and I promised I’d draw her a guide to help her remember them. Finally got to half of them before I saw her today! 😆 in a future post I’ll add… Continue Reading →

Fanfic: When The Lightning Strikes [Chapter 15]

Thanks for your patience, everyone! I’m finally back.

A future chapter preview

“What does Kashima want?” Hori groaned, examining his text messages while taking a break from backgrounds on Nozaki’s manga. He ran a hand through his hair before covering his face with them both. When he parted them, Nozaki was sat… Continue Reading →

Fanfic: When The Lightning Strikes [Chapter 14]

Thanks for waiting! I went back and edited just a little bit in chapter 12 to make this flow better, so you might want to check if the continuity seems off. I hope this flows okay, because it contains a… Continue Reading →

Fanart: Their First Date

I finally managed to mostly finish this goddamn comic that’s been hanging around for two years. Enjoy Nozaki and Chiyo’s first date guys!!  Thank you GSNK friends in the chat for believing in me! Haha. (The moiré should disappear at… Continue Reading →

Fanfic: When The Lightning Strikes [Chapter 13]

In which some Actual Plot™ happens.

Fanfic: When The Lightning Strikes [Chapter 12]

Sakura has unsolicited twilight hour visitors; subsequently, gets distracted by a sketch pad and thoughts of Let’s Love Nozaki.

Fanfic: When The Lightning Strikes [Chapter 11]

I realised the last chapter was too much filler after such a long wait. Enjoy!

Fanfic: Thunder [Oneshot]

A silly short that I don’t feel is good enough for AO3, plus I’m not sure of the abrupt ending. Anyway, I’m just projecting one of my phobias onto Sakura here for contrived plot reasons.  ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Fanfic: When The Lightning Strikes [Chapter 10]

A long chapter for you lovely people because you’ve been so patient.

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